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3 reasons to choose Ohlins suspension

Wed 28 Sep 2016

Swedish manufacturer Ohlins pride themselves on producing high quality, advanced motorcycle suspension for a number of different applications, including road and track use. Founded by Kenth Ohlin, the company started its journey in 1976 and today has over 320 employees across the globe with distribution networks across 50 countries, but what is it that makes Ohlins motorcycle suspension special?

1 Theyre dedicated to research and development

Ohlins have a specialised research and development division that are dedicated to improving products and staying ahead of the curve. This makes them a solid choice for a number of race teams which require the latest and greatest technology to give them a competitive edge on the track. Furthermore, away from the track, Ohlins have developed an adaptive suspension system called Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension CES which is employed by several car manufacturers for road use.

2 Theyre renowned for their quality

Although Ohlins suspension is known for having a place at the expensive end of the market, theres no denying the quality of the end product. Ohlins use almost 200 specialised suppliers, of which 80 are based in Sweden, meaning they can focus on producing the best motorcycle suspension parts possible in a timely, efficient and process driven manner. Their quality extends to their service too, whether youre a race team or just a motorcycle enthusiast, Ohlins provide unparalleled support in their industry.

3 They have a close relationship with vehicle manufacturers

The relationship between Ohlins and their OEM customers enables the company to take part in the technical evolution of vehicles. This means theyre able to grow their technology at the same pace as the motor industry by inputting on production processes from the outset, giving them a tremendous advantage over their competitors.

MH Racing are a trusted supplier of Ohlins motorcycle suspension, offering the same level of quality and service as the manufacturer. Call us today to find out about our broad range of Ohlins motorcycle suspension components.

Motocross parts for your end of season repair

Thu 25 Aug 2016

As were coming to the end of the motocross season, with just one round left in the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship left, you may be looking for some last minute motocross parts. After seven rounds your bikes more than likely going to be looking, and feeling, a bit worse for wear

At MH Suspension we sell a range of motocross parts that can help get your bike in the best shape for the final in Swindon. We specialise in motorcycle suspension units and sell all the parts to get your suspension working its best for competition.

Our motocross parts
When it comes to off-road bikes and motocross parts we have a huge range of products to replace or repair damaged or worn motorcycle suspension units. Our products can be used on all the big off-road names including BMW, Kawasaki and Suzuki. We also sell universal parts to fit vintage bikes. We only work with top quality parts and are an OHLINs official UK distributor and service centre.

Fitting and servicing
If you know how, you can buy motocross suspension parts directly from our online shop and fit them yourself. If not, weve got a purpose built workshop in Chippenham where we fit motocross parts on a whole range of bikes. Our services include servicerebuild of motorcycle shock absorbers, revalving, spring replacement, installing the latest Ohlins shock and fork kits and customising bespoke parts.

Our extensive workshop is equipped with a dedicated clean room for suspension maintenance and has specialist tools from Ohlins, KYB, Showa and WP. This helps us to rebuild your suspension units, professionally and accurately.

Ride-in-ride-out suspension set up
If you need your bike suspension setup we offer a quick service where we will adjust the damping and spring preload to suit your personal rider weight, along with the type of riding you do. This will mean your suspension is setup to work best with you on the track; keeping your performance on top.

If you have any questions about how we can get your off-road bike track ready, give us a call on +4401249 721001 and well let you know how we can help at MH Suspension.

Do you need motorcycle suspension specialists

Tue 16 Aug 2016

We are in the middle of the motocross calendar and your bikes probably taken a few hits. As one of the UKs leading motorcycle suspension specialists we can help get your bike ready and raring for the final few races.

We have earnt our stripes as leading motorcycle suspension specialists over the past 27 years in business and can support motocross riders in all aspects. Mark Hammond started his career with 6 years as a top motorbike suspension and race technician on the Moto X Grand Prix circuit and then went on the spend 2 years at WP Suspension in Holland. We then started MH Suspension to focus totally on motorcycle suspension repairs and replacements and we have since become agents for Kayaba and Showa suspension.

We have an enormous range of suspension for all different types of bikes and use our racing experience to improve the bikes that we work on. Our off road suspension are fit for use with:

If you are unable to check your suspension parts yourself, we can do this for you and let you know whats needed. Our workshop is fully fitted so we are able to service, remove, refit and rebuild your bikes suspension units. We also provide a ride-in ride- out suspension set up and, if needed, can check your motorcycles tyre pressure and chain.

As well as completing services and replacing suspension in our purpose built workshop, we have our fully fitted service van that can be on hand at events. You can often find us at events throughout the year and we can be hired for event and track support.

If you are looking for motorcycle suspension specialists to help out with your bike for a particular event, suspension support or just a service, then please get in touch. If you have an event in mind where youd like to have us on hand, please let us know well in advance as our calendar does get booked up

Get going with our motorcycle parts

Tue 05 Apr 2016

Suspension can make or break a great ride experience so its helpful to know that were experts at providing suspension and motorcycle parts, and advice, to make your bike feel amazing. Here are six reasons why you wont regret choosing us for your motorcycle parts

1. Weve been in the motorcycle parts business a long time
Since 1989 in fact. We were started up by Mark Hammond, a seasoned race technician, after six successful years on the Moto X Grand Prix circuit. Mark also spent time at WP suspension in Holland learning what it means to be on the other side of the business.

2. Theres loads of choice
We stock heaps of parts for Aprilia, BMW, Buell, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto-Guzzi, MV Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and Universal bikes. Whether youre looking for road, off-road, ATV parts or accessories, weve got the motorcycle part you need.

3. You can buy online
With our quick and simple service you can purchase everything you need on our motorcycle parts site and have it delivered ASAP for you to fit.

4. Were Ohlins and WP main agents
We deal directly with the Ohlins Swedish factory, making us one of the only official service centres for Ohlins parts in the UK. We also stock WP, KYB and Showa motorcycle parts.

5. Need more than just parts?
We also have a suspension maintenance service which happens in our dedicated workshop, which is clean, light and fully equipped. Its perfect for if you have something tricky to do like a rebuild, or havent the time to fit your new suspension forks and dampers yourself.

6. Benefit from our expertise
What we dont know about bike suspension isnt worth knowing, so if youre having trouble with performance or optimising your bike for road or race conditions, just talk to us. Well be able to supply everything from motorcycle parts to full services.

With all these reasons, its no wonder that top riders have used MH Racings motorcycle parts and services, both in Motocross, and at Club, National and GP level. Get in touch today for more information about our parts and services.

Why book a motorcycle suspension service

Mon 07 Mar 2016

Motorcycle suspension, like your engine, consists of a number of metal components moving together. This movement causes friction resulting in contamination of suspension oil, which in turn, leads to the deterioration of lubricating properties and a reduction in the life of the suspension. Although lubrication is essential to the long life of motorcycle suspension, no moving component can last forever, which is why its important to ensure your motorcycle suspension is serviced regularly.

A regular motorcycle suspension service will usually involve ensuring correct operation of the suspension and changing the suspension oil. However, a motorcycle suspension service is far more detailed and is devised to ensure your motorcycle suspension is performing like new.

Motorcycle Suspension Rebuild Service
The best way to confirm your suspension is in perfect condition is to remove and rebuild it. When removed, the suspension can be fully stripped of any dirt, then rebuilt with new seals and O-rings. A full rebuild allows for comprehensive examination of the suspension for any excessive wear or damage. Following this, the servicing technician can advise on replacement of suspension components if necessary.

Motorcycle Suspension Revalve Service
A motorcycle suspension revalve service will typically involve the same level of detail as a rebuild service, but the servicing technician will adjust valving to be tailored to the rider weight, level and riding discipline. For example, a heavy, tall rider on a superbike will require a different valve setting to a light, short rider on a dirtbike.

How can MH Racing help?
To assure you get the best out of your bike, it needs to be set up appropriately. This means using quality brands, such as Ohlins, and maintaining suspension by keeping it clean and well lubricated. MH Racing offer both of the service types listed, as well as a road and track set up service, plus event and track support for the more keen riders out there.

For motorcycle suspension, look no further than MH Racing. Our workshop is fully equipped for suspension rebuilds, revalving and installation. Contact us on 01249 721 001 or email to find out how we can help.