Ohlins Steering Damper Kits

For Ohlins steering dampers and other advanced suspension products, look no further than MH Racing Ltd in Wiltshire. We were set up 21 years ago by Mark Hammond, formerly a top race technician on the Moto X Grand Prix circuit, with additional industry experience at WP Suspension in Holland. You can benefit from this wealth of experience and technical know-how by having us set up your motorcycle suspension to the highest possible standard.

Whether for road racing, motocross, enduro or your favourite street bike, there is a steering damper available for a range of bikes to increase ride performance and safety by increasing the stability of the front end.

For road and race, fully adjustable steering dampers can be mounted on the outside or inside of the fork leg or across the frame, behind the triple clamp, on bikes with wide frames. A steering damper with mounting brackets, are available for a wide range of bikes. Please contact us for details and we'll be happy to advise you on the best solution.

For motocross and enduro, steering dampers can be mounted directly on the upper fork crown of the bike. With three different damping systems, damping cuts in at high speed when the wheel is turned sharply and a side-sweep control gives the desired damping in the 34 - 90° sector. These steering damper are fully adjustable and fit almost every bike.

For more information about the availability of a steering damper suitable for your bike, plus other advanced suspension technology and services, contact us today on 01249 721001 or email us at mail@mhracing.co.uk.